Making a new movie.

2017-09-26 17:25:16 by c00tdoggo69

This bad boi is gon' be scripted, and NO ERRORS (if I can see it, that is.). This isn't gonna be canon to Madness Combat, but sorta goes with Episode 1.5 of Madness Project Nexus, but not too heavily. Any music makers out there, go ahead, make a theme of it.

The story will be about Jack L. Westman (was holtman, but I changed it.), and how he get's the infection, but isn't a brainless monster.

EDIT: I decided it's not at all gonna be canon to Madness Combat. AND The entirety of Project Nexus, and Project Nexus 2. And any music makers out there reading this, PM me if you wanna make a theme for me to use in it. If it becomes a series, the series will be called REDACTED. Yes... Redacted.. Don't ask, I just like it. I made the entire script on a Google Document. So yeah.


- c00tdoggo 69


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